Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Land Search

Real estate is booming right now, so I think we can eventually (probably late next year) sell the house we are in for enough to pay off most of our debts (including the ranch land), and have a nice “grubstake” to get started on a new home. Once we are done with building our primary home, I can use what I've learned to build a small cabin on the ranch property.
I have been planning a move to a few acres of land and building a house for 5 years now, and hopefully we will be able to do it.

We want to have enough land in a rural area to experiment with some small steps to self-sufficiency with a little “homesteading”. We are also concerned about the quality of the food we eat, where we get it from, and what’s going to happen if there is an emergency that may temporarily or permanently close the food stores. This means we’d like to do a little small-scale farming, like raise a few chickens, a couple goats, have a sizeable garden, and so on. It’s not something you can do when you neighbor’s house is 5 feet from your window.

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