Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Home Features

Here's some features that are interesting to me that I will attempt to incorporate into my new home...
  • passive solar and environmental design
  • solar photovoltaic electric power systems, including exceptionally low-cost owner installed systems
  • solar water heating
  • solar water distillation system, direct to the tap
  • solar hot water instant demand systems
  • hydronic radiant floor heating
  • energy efficient appliances, lighting and other energy efficiency measures
  • high energy efficiency windows and doors
  • high efficiency heating and cooling equipment systems and strategies
  • water efficiency and conservation
  • water harvesting
  • graywater systems
  • waterless urinals
  • long lasting no-maintenance metal roofs
  • radiant barriers
  • superinsulated ceilings
  • blown cellulose insulation
  • superinsulated walls
  • internal mass walls
  • colored concrete, brick paver, adobe and hand hewn stone paver floors
  • recycled materials
  • small is beautiful - and more cost-effective
  • universal and lifetime design, aging in place
  • accessibility, visitability and wheelchair friendly measures
  • high tech electronic and communications systems
  • healthy home, low allergen, clean air strategies
  • non-toxic, low VOC materials
  • low water use oasis garden
  • solar pool heating (a BIG money saver)
  • solar cooking
I originally wanted to have a rammed earth house built where the builder would do the walls, the roof, and foundation, and I would do all the finish work. It would incorporate many features of an earthship. The problem was that I couldn’t get any architects to talk to me about this type of house because they seem to be only interested in building huge, expensive homes for the super-rich. I know they can be done inexpensively, because Habitat for Humanity built several in Tuscon.
So, a rammed earth house is out for now, but may be in my future.

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